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Advocate in May!

May is recognized as ALS Awareness Month across the country. Advocacy and awareness opportunities are available year-round, but May is a good time to educate friends, your community, and your legislators about the impacts of ALS.

To read about the funding priorities ALS United CT and other ALS organizations are advocating for at the national level, click HERE.

ALS United CT and many other ALS organizations are partnering with I AM ALS for their Washington, DC ALS Awareness Event and Community Summit at the end of May. As part of the Awareness Event, advocates will plant over 6,000 flags on the National Mall. To submit your or your loved one’s name for a flag, click HERE.

The ALS Community Summit will be held from May 29 to June 1, primarily in person (with a virtual option). It brings together advocates to meet, discuss, and learn from each other about the important issues facing the ALS community and develop tactics to address these issues. Some legislator meetings will be held during this time. To register for the Summit, click HERE.

ALS United CT has been active in Hartford, submitting testimony on state legislation and tracking upcoming priorities. If you’re interested in advocating with ALS United CT, please contact Amy Chickles.  

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