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Support Caregivers this Holiday Season

ALS United Connecticut offers programs to directly help caregivers of people living with ALS. Anne Lynch, development manager, talks about her role on the staff and how working closely with so many caregivers continues to drive her passion.
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How long have you been at ALS United CT and what is your role?
I joined this amazing team in the beginning of 2022 and work on fundraising and events! We are a small team, working hard every day to make a difference in someone’s lives and I am honored to be part of this organization. 

What inspires you?
I am inspired and motivated each and every day at the strength of our pALS, and especially our caregivers. I get to work with so many different people through the Walks- I am in awe of the strength of the caregivers and so proud that our organization is able to offer services directly to help them as well as pALS.

Can you talk more about those programs?
Of course- we have support groups including caregivers only groups. In November each year, we recognize National Family Caregivers Month by partnering with Drazen Rubin Law and giving our caregivers recognition. Many of our Care Assist Grants help with respite for caregivers. Our equipment program is designed to help keep not on the person living with ALS safe, but also the caregiver. And, our amazing Care Managers, Michelle & Jessica, are always available to Caregivers for any of their needs.

What are some of your holiday plans?
This weekend I plan on dressing up as an elf for a children’s Christmas party and help spread some holiday cheer!  (In the office, they often refer to me as the holiday elf, since I love to decorate!) After that, I plan on just spending some quality time with my family & friends.     “I am inspired and motivated each and every day at the strength of our pALS and especially our caregivers.”
ALS affects someone’s entire family. Your holiday gift can support our programs offered to caregivers and families affected by ALS. Please donate today. Donate Today!

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