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ALS United CT’s role in ALS Clinics

ALS United Connecticut works closely with ALS Clinics and neurologists in and around our state. Meet Michelle Gaski, Senior Care Manager, who interacts with our clinics on a daily basis to ensure that our ALS families are given the resources & information needed.

Tell us when you started at the organization and what you do?
I am the Senior Care Manager and have been a part of this team since 2014.

What inspired you to join the team?
Growing up, my mom was the clinic nurse at Hospital for Special Care. I watched my mom work so hard with her patients, inspired by their strength. As a family, we participated in the walks since they began. When an opportunity came up for me to be part of this community as a social worker, it was a natural fit for me.

Can you speak about your role at the Hospital for Special Care and other ALS Clinics?
The partnership with the Hospital for Special Care, the VA, Yale, Greenwich Hospital, and other local neurologists is essential to providing the best care for our families. I get to attend the clinics in person every week, meeting new families to introduce to them our services, checking in on others, and collaborating with the Clinic Team to ensure that people living with ALS are given the resources and care they need. I meet virtually with the other clinic teams as well. In Connecticut, we are so fortunate to have so many dedicated professionals working tirelessly to provide care, perform research, and collaborate to best improve a person’s life with ALS.

What do you hope for the ALS Community this holiday season?
I hope that those living with ALS, individuals and families, feel supported an comforted by our organization. I hope that they understand that there are so many people out there who want to help, and to always feel comfortable reaching out to us for assistance.

What are your plans this holiday?
I will be celebrating with my 2 young boys, husband and dog, building legos, playing dinosaurs, and lots of games of tag!
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