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Jessica Talks Support Groups & What Inspired Her to Get Involved…

Every month, ALS United Connecticut offers multiple support groups facilitated by our care managers to help people living with ALS and their families. Through these groups, people are introduced to a resilient community filled of hope, love and support.  Your donation will help support our local programs like the support groups Donate
Tell us when you started at the organization and what you do?
I am one of the Care Managers, working alongside Michelle. I started in 2019.  

What is your favorite part of your job? The best part of working at ALS United CT is being able to add hope, connection, and relationships with the families we meet and interact with. We hold 9 support groups a month– for people living with ALS, caregiver specific, and some for anyone and everyone else in between. We are very fortunate to have an incredible community open to sharing with others and supporting one another. We laugh during these groups, we cry, but most of all, we are there to support one another. The Support Groups have always been inspirational, motivational, and educational. We learn so much from everyone attending!  

When are the groups?
We have groups throughout the month, all held virtually. You can see our schedule here, or reach out to any of us at  

Why did you get involved?
While my Grandma had ALS, our family received support from the team until she passed in 2015. Knowing that we can call and get what we needed was always a relief when the day to day problems seemed unmanageable. I fight ALS differently now, and have been fortunate enough to be able to help our families get what they need through ALS United CT.  

What are your plans this holiday season?
I’m excited to share the magic of this season with my family and friends. It’s the only time of year that baking a desert every other day is socially acceptable. Of course I will share the cookies with Santa, but I can’t promise there will be a lot. 
Supports groups are one of the many local programs offered to families, at no cost. Your donation ensures that people have access to a community of help, hope, and support. Donate Today!

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