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Our New Name & Logo!

Dear Friends of our ALS Community, 

The last year has been a time of incredible opportunity and evolution for The ALS Association Connecticut Chapter. You may remember a communication I recently sent out about our Chapter separating from The ALS Association. The Board of Directors and dedicated staff are excited to embrace change and explore the new opportunities that allow us to best serve our ALS Community. 

I am excited to share with you our new name and new logo: 

We know that the only way we can truly end ALS is when we unite together to fight this disease on all fronts. Our team remains committed to you all and will continue in our mission to end ALS by supporting research, advocacy, and local services.

Our logo symbolizes the hope, unity, and strength of our community. The three petals represent local care, research, and advocacy: the driving pillars of our mission. As you can see, they are all connected and overlap, igniting sparks of hope. 

We are grateful to our amazing volunteer Lisa for designing our logo inspired by the sunflower. Lisa lost her brother-in-law this year to ALS, but her family continues to support our organization with such joy and love. 

“The sunflower stands tall and strong, ever hopeful and ever reaching higher. Sunflowers grow in clusters and support each other as they grow, just as family, friends and community offer support to those who live with ALS.”

-Shirley S. who fought ALS until 2016

Thank you all for your continued support. Please be sure to check out our new website: and follow us on social media. I welcome your feedback and questions! 

United we make a difference,

Jacky Rose
Executive Director
ALS United Connecticut

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