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The Equipment Loan Program: Expanding its Impact

For 35 years, our organization has provided Durable Medical Equipment to people living with ALS. Each year, this continues to be our most needed and utilized program. From power wheelchairs to hoyer lifts, shower chairs to hospital beds, our organization is here to help. We partner with vendors across the state to store, clean, fix, and maintain our equipment. Your donation will help support this essential service to people living in Connecticut Donate
Kim Buda has worked at ALS United CT for 16 years! She has seen so many changes in our programs because of the support of our community, especially with the Equipment Program. Read more below!

Kim, can you tell us a little about when you started and why?
I started at the organization 16 years ago in 2007 after attending a fundraiser for Bill Hamley, who was a Board member and incredible man living with ALS.

Wow! 16 years! What are some of the changes you’ve seen? The biggest change that I have seen in our organization has been our Equipment Loan Program. When I first started, we had all of the equipment in the office and delivered to people ourselves. Overtime, there were many more people that needed our help so we had to partner with other vendors. Now, we work with 6 vendors throughout the state to help us sanitize, store, maintain, deliver, and pick up the equipment. Last year, we loaned out a total 611 pieces of equipment! It’s really been amazing to see our outreach grow.

What is something that you do in the office?
In addition to the financials, data, and office management, I am usually answer the phone when someone calls the office. My conversations that I have with people who are just diagnosed, with family members who have just lost someone, or to a medical professional who is looking for resources always make me so proud of who we are. Being able to not only offer our programs, but also be someone that people can talk to is so important. We are not just a 1-800 number, we are here for anyone who needs us.

What are your holiday plans?
My family is busy- my husband and son are firefighters and my other son is in the Connecticut National Guard, so even if we don’t celebrate on the actual holiday, we always make sure to find time to be together- and that time is so special. 
Medical equipment is essential for people living with ALS to remain in their homes and safely live with ALS. Insurance rarely covers this costly equipment, and when it does, it may not get to the person quick enough. Your donation ensures that our Equipment can be delivered timely and safely at no cost to those who need it.  Donate Today!

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